Monday, February 8, 2010

Group Thread

Step 1: Form group
Step 2: Give distinctive name to your group
Step 3: Decide on group contact person
Step 4: Brainstorm 5 possible ideas for project topics
Step 5: Post to this thread with:
A. Name of group
B. List of people in group
C. Gmail of contact person
D. Your 5 possible ideas

Step 6: TA will contact your contact person with next steps


    B. Jeseka Fuller, Adam Cyca, Joe Slovasky
    -Flash mob ordeal
    -Teen pregancys
    -Judging of people
    -Breaking social norms

  2. A. The Spice Girls
    B. Olivia Ohlin, Hillary Johns, Leeann Lanzarotta, Mackenzie Bowman
    - social roles/norms amongst males and females in college
    - trends in college; fitting/blending in
    - the meme of jersey shore
    - teen pregnancy becoming more acceptable

  3. A. Name of group- Fab 5
    B. Kelli Shultz, Emily Byrom, Shelby Edwards, Jamie Miller, Caitlin Mitchell
    C. (Shelby Edwards)
    D. (1) New Years Resolutions
    (2) Facebook Friends vs. Actual Friends
    (3) Social Status between Students and Locals in Athens
    (4) Changing Fads of Technology
    (5) Speed of Communication (Snail Mail vs. E-Mail, or Texting, or Shirky Chapter One)
    (6) People value social contact (going to a bar or a mall is different than going to a liquor store or shopping online)

  4. A. Team Vazpaship
    B. Colin Blankenship, Kate Klapak, Chad Vasquez
    D. 1) Looking Glass Self
    2) Secondary Groups
    3) Culture of OU Students
    4) Sociological Imagination
    5) Rap Video about symbols/cultures

  5. A. Team Awesome
    B. Amanda Walo, Steph Mccloud, Kelly Swackhamer, and Sandie Young
    D. 1. parties relating to the growing social networks and the evolution of society 2. Relating sociological imagination to how groups help in relief efforts 3. Bureaucracies have taken over America?! 4. Evolution of societies/ social media 5. The Commons/ Somalia

  6. Group name: Throw the hammer down!
    Group members: Dale Cotton, Robert Soles, Megan Krueger,Sara Wilson
    Contact person:
    Possible Ideas: 1.Control the whale theory
    2.Violating social norms
    3.Looking glass self
    4.Conflict theory (competing interests)
    5.Fixing Wikipedia

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  8. Group name: Get Sily !
    Group members: helena, erica d, stephanie d, danielle me
    Contact person:
    Possible ideas: relationship cycle****
    looking glass self
    sociological imagination
    OU students

  9. A. Team RADS
    B. Rachel Thompson
    Samantha Davis
    Daniel Ahrens
    Amy Slaven
    D. 1. start a line somewhere and see how many people line up without knowing where the line leads
    2. dress someone up as a homeless man and see how much money is given to him/her as opposed to any other day while begging
    3. go to different social groups around campus, talk about things they would stereotypically agree/disagree with and see how they react
    4. print off 3 pictures of people and show them to random people, then ask them to say the first three things that come to mind, then tell them three actual facts about the people (pretty girl =transgender, 'hot guy' committed suicide) show how people are judgmental and when familiarity with them is stripped away you see them without judgement
    5. go to different social groups and ask if they came with a friend, see how many connections they have versus people who come alone

  10. A. Fuzzy Kittens
    B. Adam Chow, Kate Slanker, Cassie Kovell
    D. 1.Overview of Ohio University Diversity, 2. social outcasts, 3. differentiating treatment with disability 4. stuff a pillow in stomach like youre pregnant-drink/smoke see how people react 5. fill a beer case with pop... see what people do depending on the setting

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  13. Group name: The 5 Valuables

    Group members: Kelly Asmus, Jessica Deeds, Chelsea Rollins, Ashley Hardin, Hannah Morgan

    Contact person: Chelsea Rollins (

    Topic: Ohio University culture/values

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  16. A) Super Group
    B) Rachel Wallace, Edward Holloway, Ryan LaVergne
    C) Ryan LaVergne -
    D) Sex Sells, Changes in technology, social classes around OU, family traditions/norms/values, symbols and icons

  17. A) SERG
    B) Sarah Sarich, Ryan Gonzolas, Elizabth Walcutt, Rachel Mende.
    C) Sarah Sarich -
    D) 1. Breaking social norms: for every norm we break, we help someone else break one of theirs.
    2. Breaking social norms: does it go unnoticed in college towns?
    3. Conflict Theory: big business driving out uniqueness in a small town
    4. How groups form: the birth of TOMS shoes on campus
    5. Network ties between college, myspace, and facebook.

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  19. A)JAKBB
    B)Andy Hessler, Bradley Meyer, Katie Lewis, Brooke Ling, Jennifer Newsome.
    D)-Judging people/looking glass self
    -Breaking social norms/How norms have changed
    -Facebook freiends VS actual friends
    -Self aware objects

  20. LGBT
    -Ciara Warmke
    -Josh Cotterman
    -Christina Fisher (
    -Hallie Dunn
    -Breanna Rosser

    Idea: LGBT suicide rates vs. media changes.

  21. A) 2 guys and 3 girls
    B) megan dowler (*contact
    -Alex N
    -Joe H
    -Eric B
    -Justine S
    C) Conflict theory
    -looking glass self
    -act out an example of shirky
    -online video games and how it affects people
    -social networking

  22. GROUP NAME: Team Snow Storm
    GROUP MEMBERS: Stephanie Gable
    Brittany Purpura
    Samantha Pinnick
    Emily Fouss
    Stacy Offenberger
    Binge Drinking
    Cell Phone and Texting Use
    Changes in Generations
    Cnflict Theory- Extremely Rich and Poor

  23. A) The Meigs Group

    B)Jahnna Lydic, Amanda Gilkey, Lindsey Myers, Ernie Welsh


    D)-Looking glass self- How we do things based on gender roles and how we see our self in those roles based on norms set by society already.

    -How people interact in different cultures and how their norms differ from ours.

    -Differnet cultures and how they communicate.

    -How the Amish have differnt norms that we do.

    -How technology has changed the norms in society. How it is now exceptable to talke to others, by text, during class, meetings, or other times that would not have been exceptable before it was a norm for everyone to have a cell phone.

  24. french toast mafia
    Alex Vandenberg, Matthew Driver, Rachel Timblin, Stacey Thomas
    rachel timblin
    1)going through the decades
    2)culture stuff ex. tattoos, alcohol, trends
    3)two different sides to a college student.
    4)eating norms (how people eat)
    5)different riots and protests

  25. D.V.S.S.

    -Contact: Cassie Sharpe-

    Group Members: Cassie Sharpe, Greg Schindler, Brian Vickers Tim Duda

    5 possible ideas:
    1) redo a Wikipedia page (conflict theory,
    2) ‘Soc’ newspaper (with articles describing subjects in class and photos)
    3) slide presentation of the story of ‘the tragedy of the commons’ or ‘looking glass self’ (or other subject) (one true
    4) norm conflict with Greg’s banana outfit
    5) flikr pics of sociology topics and discussion

  26. A) Big Brotha Thunda, butt naked wonda, and the masta blasta
    B) Nick Wright, Jack O'connor, Marty Patton
    C) or
    D) -Looking glass self
    -Conflict theory
    -Cultural norms*
    -Principal-agent problem
    -Disregarding social norms
    -Following trends

  27. Group: Amanda Parent, Michaella Pietro, Sam Moffie, Melanie Turner, Andrew Bukovec
    Name: Four-four-oh
    Contact Person: Michaella Pietro (
    Five Project Ideas:
    (a): Going against norms and recording people's reactions
    (1): kindergarten pee
    (2): turning the opposite way in an elevator
    (b): Media and it's influence on teenage girls
    (c): Alcohol advertisements and their effect on people
    (d): Bandwagon idea-people are followers
    (e): Fads-things come and go, magazines show us what's "in" and what's "out"

  28. A) The Spaghettios
    B) Lauren Zakem, Paige Miller, Sara Shanfelt
    D) Ideas: (1) groups/cultures/geographical comparison (2) fads and trends at OU (3) facebook connections and how they help us in our everyday life (4) spread of news through non media measures and how it helps (5) OU life style/norms compared to other school (drinking, education, etc.)

  29. A. Googleberries
    B. Stacy Foster, Emily Stout, Ciarra Shutts, and Benjamin Kelly
    1-Go Without Technology
    2-How Gender Roles in Media Affect Children
    3-Fashion Trends and Fads
    4-Flash Mob in Athens

  30. Group Name:

    Group Members:
    Ciara Yinging, Kaz Pata, Jonathan Kemo, Terrance Holcomb, Jeffrey Fisher

    Ciara Yingling (

    -Social Norms
    -Conflict Theory
    -Male Roles in Society
    -How cell phones have taken over our generation
    -Development of Social Networking

  31. A. The Steengals
    B. Greg S, Eric R, Aaron G, Cory F
    C. Greg Simon (
    D. Using Seinfeld ideas, filming them and relating them to sociology

  32. A. JLV
    B. Lauren Stevens, Victoria Vincent, Justin Gurtz
    D. Odd/Weird Norms

  33. A.Team Deviance
    B.LaDawn Caldwell, Gaily Lapitau
    D.Ping vs. Athens community gym
    Rainbow military run vs. Ping
    Baker deviance act
    Taco bell presentation
    dancing sober vs. dancing intoxicated(record the reactions)

  34. A. The Baracudas
    B. Alanna Shaw, Chelsea Nottoli, Casey Bommer, Dane Puterbaugh, Caitlin Ervin, Erin Varga
    - Video comprised of stills about the societal implications of anarchist social theory
    - Interview-based video
    - Modify wikipedia article on related topic
    - Exploring why people become involved with anarchism as a political perspective, why people become active in it (what provokes)
    - Anarchism as a form of social deviance

    Project Blog: (I just set it up, I can add everyone who has a google account)

  35. 3 Musketeers

    Gabe Bramlage
    Greg Scott
    Nick Allen


    1. Principal Agent Problem
    2. Roles / Norms
    3. Rational actor model
    4. Bureaucracy
    5. Modern caste system (Social mobility)

  36. A.) The Fantastic Four

    B.) Laura Terlesky, Shane Mcnea, Tina Neary, Matt Matune

    C.) Contact Matt at or

    D.) Ideas:
    1.) Drinking... How many people actually do it?
    2.) Do people want marijuana legalized?
    3.) Breaking a social norm... Dress up, set the table, table cloth, candles for a classy date at McDonalds.
    4.) There are problems in our own country, but we see commercials everyday for helping Haiti. Why don't we help ourselves first?
    5.) Do people accept transsexualism as people accept homosexuality in our society?

  37. A.) Fenz
    B.) Alex Fickey, Taylor Harvey, Mike Rigol, Rochelle Withem, Will Vizcarra, and Kyle Prendergast.
    C.) contact:
    D.) Ideas:
    1. boiling points/ social deviance
    2. breaking social norms
    3. social networking and how it has changed over time
    4. conflict theory
    5.facebook friends and how they differ from actual friends

  38. A) Bobcat Girls
    B) Emily Saunders, Meridith Peterson, Lisa Gillmore, and Sara DuBois
    C) Contact Emily Saunders at or
    D) 1. Tragedy of the commons
    2. Marx's concept of class- use examples
    3. Norms
    4. Groups- Primary/Secondary
    5. Different cultures- how they're viewed

  39. D-rock!

    Group memebers: Kylie Iadicicco, Danielle Szabo, Matthew Michno, Schneitta Howard.

    1. Looking glass theory
    2. Social norms
    3. Conflict theory
    4. Primary & secondary groups
    5. College trends

    Contact: Kylie Iadicicco

  40. Bobcats34

    -Jordan Dillon, Maxwell Evans, Alex Keif
    -Contact: Jordan Dillon (
    1)Conflict Theory
    2)Commons with goods (ex farmers with cows)
    3)Looking Glass Self
    4)Principal Agent Theory
    5)Social Norms

  41. Group Name: Mist
    Includes: Abigail Kornowski, Ellie Drake, Jared Smith & Jon Williams
    Contact Person: Abigail Kornowski (email:
    1. Affects of musical time period based on the people who listen to it.
    2. Stressful situations
    3. Why people buy brand names?
    4. Why college students drink a lot?
    5. Looking - Glass ( guys self?)
    6. Girls competing against each other

  42. group name: The Car Bombs
    includes: Katie Hay & Lindsey O'diam
    contact person: Katie Hay (email:
    1. breaking of social norms
    2. teenage pregnancies
    3. bandwagon concept
    4. brand names (why people pay lots of money to advertise a company for free?)
    5. looking glass shelf

  43. group name: (dont know yet)

    includes: Sarah Owen, annika games,John Luciana, Lindsay Hamilton

    contact person: sarah owen (

    1. social norms
    2.memes, symbol, values
    3.the commons
    5.class mobility

  44. I was informed that I would be the new contact person for this group i'm not sure if the other member quit the group or something but heres the new information so far!

    Group: The Undecided
    (contact aka your main man (;)
    Michael Wright (
    Shaun Brimer
    Myriah Hankins
    Elijah Neeley

    1. Social Deviance
    A Film showing different types of deviance, how it is accepted, and where it is accepted at with a modern twist!
    2. Social Interaction between groups of different genders on campus. Is it more acceptable for a guy to stop and talk to a random woman over a another guy? and vice versa
    3. Change in technology! Find HUGE old phones, etc and note social responses. Relate to sociological terms
    4. The end of technology for a week!---simple, eh..I think not. Recording of effects.
    5. Differences in social norms amongst International students on campus.

  45. College Transition
    1- Dan Ball
    2- Mohammed Bsatee
    3- Joey Phelps
    4-Jessica Kassinos
    5-Katie Misner
    6- Fatema Al Baker

    Contact Person
    Mohammed Bsatee ( )

    Transition in a college

  46. A. Team BA
    B. Danny Murray, Leana Hoogenboom, Josh Brooks, Alex Rice, Chandler Jones
    D. 1. Breaking social norms
    2. Looking glass shelf
    3. Principal Agent Theory
    4. Culture (stuff)
    5. OU Students


  47. Team alternative name
    -Dominic Presutti (

  48. A. Team BAMF
    B.Tasha Hagamaker
    Kevin Brantley
    Micheal Sacco
    Clint Powersock
    Nick Tombrella person tasha ns113906
    D.1 social norms
    2. ou traditions
    3. looking glass self
    4. principal agent theory
    5. excepted roles

  49. A. P Ho
    B. Patrick Hohenberger, Nicholas Varga
    1. Values
    2. Norms
    3. Social Structure
    4. The Commons
    5. Census

  50. A. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    B. Kelsey Mohr, Brittany P., Matt Schmid, Steve Snider and Michael Cantrell
    C. Cantrell)
    1. Evolution of facebook
    2. Evolition of online communication
    3. Norms
    4. looking glass self
    5. Census

    B. Devon Shanks, Lauren Fields, Priyanka Ghosh, Ali Burry
    1. glass ceiling
    2. music
    3. fashion
    4. homes
    5. slang talk

  52. A.
    B. David Destefani, Seth Anspaugh
    1. Discrimination
    2. Breaking Norms
    3. Looking Glass Self
    4. Gender Roles
    5. Class/Status

  53. A. The Planeteers
    B. Martin Bradley, Leah Hutchins, Ron Lefebvre, Angela Wilhelm, Kristin Regan
    C. Angela:
    D. Video on: male body image, defy social norms in public places, gender inequalty on college campuses, portrayal of women in movies, social network evolution

  54. A. The CMT
    B. Chelsea Stein, Mitchell Girberd, Daivd Fitzcharles
    C. Chelsea Stein
    D. Video on:
    1. Breaking the social norm
    2. Teen pregnancy
    3. College students in drinking
    4. Difference in high school and college
    5. Cliques in college

  55. A) Team Semi-Pro
    B) Chuck Dickens, Daniel Winner, Nick Snyder, and Erika Wilhelm
    C) Dan Winner
    1. Methods of gathering information
    2. difference in social classes
    3. Norms
    4. Looking glass self
    5. Cultures

  56. A. Numbero Uno
    B. Travis Hicks
    2-gender roles
    5-underage drinking

  57. A) Dynamic Duo
    B) Adam Geither, Thomas Minch
    1. Looking Glass Self
    2. Sociological Imagination
    3. Social Structure
    4. Collective Action
    5. Groups

  58. A) Mashed Potatoes
    B) Lynsy Richardson, Viktoria Miller, Ryan Deibel, Allison DeWitt
    D) 1.) stereotypes (cliques/gender)
    2.) social structure
    4.) step outside the social norm (group sing down court st?)
    3.) going without some technology?
    5.) conflict theory

  59. A) "Quad Squad"
    B) Christa Himmelein, Allie Sayers, Reid Armstrong, Taylor Gasper, Mike DeVre
    C) (Christa)
    1. Stereotypes becoming standards
    2. "Meeting" someone through rumors
    3. Glass Ceiling
    4. Norms for urban, suburban & rural areas
    5. Social impact of evolution of entertainment/technology over past 15 years

  60. A) The Deviants
    B) Gant Hill and Andrew Holliday
    1. Deviance
    2. Breaking social norms

  61. A Team Bipolar Bears

    B Lova Green, Chase Miller, Keith Despot, Bill Furlong, Shan Wang

    C Contact Person: Lova Green

    D - Looking Glass
    -Sociological Imagination
    - Labeling in a College Setting
    - Breaking Social Norms
    - Stratification: Poverty

  62. Group Name: TBJ
    People in group: Tara Adkins, Brooke Davidson, John Brubach
    Group Contact person: Tara Adkins
    -Teen Pregnancy
    -Differences in college life
    -Social Norms

  63. Group Name: TEAM RAMROD
    People in group: Nate Shaw, Brian Bound, Julie Bunce, Emma David-Kos
    Group Contact Person- Nate Shaw (
    -Social Norms
    -Criminal Behavior
    -Social Decay
    -Gender Roles

  64. Group: The 5 Valuables

    Here is our Flickr project! Enjoy!

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  66. a) Parkour
    b) Nick Patrick, Jon Smith, Brian Enright, Rory Crute, Andy Brothers, Tom Rotar
    d) -breaking social norms
    -deviant acts
    -facebook networking

  67. A. Natty Atty
    B. Cole Sommerfelt, Lexie Hartnett, Kevin Sullivan, Chinedu Ifedi
    C. Lexie Hartnett-
    D. (1) Social Weathering (2) Social Imagination (3) More is different (4) Social Networking (5) Social Structures

  68. A. The Projectors
    B. Neil Platt, Heidi Kemper
    C. Neil Platt-
    D. -Social Deviance
    -Gender Inequality
    -Changes in family structure
    -Looking Glass Self

  69. A. azyangles
    B. Fiifi Blankson, Julie Fasone
    C. Fiifi Blankson,
    D. -Gender roles/norms
    -Societies reaction to proscriptive gender norms
    -gender roles in other societies
    -third gender?
    -prescriptive gender roles

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